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A Youth Care Worker provides supervision, guidance and direction to behaviorally challenged youth in an adolescent residential setting.  It is the primary responsibility of the Youth Care Worker to provide a physically and emotionally safe and secure environment.  A Youth Care Worker demonstrates competent skills that support the formation of trusting, supportive relationships with the youth under their supervision.  The position also participates in the development and implementation of individualized program plans and unit programs that are designed to meet the goals of the youth served.  Youth Care Workers are directly responsible for implementing and following the unit schedule and providing guidance and support as the residents learn social and life skills. 


  • Provide teaching for youth around daily living skills.
  • Evaluate each youth’s behavior according to the unit structure / expectations and the youth developmental capacity on a daily basis.
  • Demonstrate appropriate boundaries in developing relationships with the residents.
  • Learn and demonstrate on-going knowledge and application of the residents’ strengths and needs including their triggers and coping skills
  • Escort and supervise youth on community trips and activities.
  • Perform crisis intervention duties including the use of restraints as needed in the direct management of the population.
  • Participate in the implementation of individualized program plans.
  • Conduct small, organized group meetings aimed at teaching youth social and other life skills.
  • Monitor youth to ensure that they are performing daily self-care tasks.
  • Provide minor First Aid treatment to youth.
  • Assign consequences to youth for inappropriate behavior according to unit / agency policies and practices in a fair and consistent manner.
  • Assist residents in their bedtime routine in a supportive manner.
  • Effectively communicate any problems / areas of concern to staff members relieving them at the end of the shift.
  • Supervise daily routines and responsibilities of youth including, meals, room care, clothing care and chores.
  • Maintain quality codes of conduct and professionalism, i.e. strong work ethic, role modeling and commitment to improving quality of life to the youth in our care.
  • Communicate effectively with internal and external customers, both orally and through documentation.
  • Participate in facility-wide Quality Improvement initiatives.
  • Attend staff / unit meetings to discuss facility and program operations and to receive facility communications.
  • Attend all mandatory and scheduled training.
  • Request time off in advance according to policy.
  • Minimal and legitimate requests for time off due to illness.
  • Execute all emergency procedures according to the facility policies and procedures.
  • Complete all documentation tasks related to the position.  All documentation should be timely and accurate.
  • Uphold professional standards and the mission of Lakeside Academy, YRCII in delivering services to youth.
  • Maintain a safe environment.
  • All other duties as assigned by Supervisor.


  • Education: High School Diploma required
  • Experience: Experience working with children preferred.
  • Computer Skills: Basic computer skills, including usage of email, Internet Explorer, and print documents.
  • Other Skills: Must maintain flexibility in a fast-paced changing environment. Fluent in the English language to interact with residents, parents/guardians, and other staff both in person and over the phone.
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