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The Targeted Case Manager (TCM) is responsible for providing  community-based case management services to assigned clients.  The TCM  assess the client's needs for services and assists clients, families,  and caregivers in gaining access to needed employment, education, social  activities, medical services, and financial and insurance benefits. The  TCM will plan and arrange services, coordinating with service providers  and linking the service system to the client.  These supportive  services include working with the client and their natural support  system to develop and implement the client's service plan. The TCM is  also responsible for ongoing monitoring the delivery of services, and  evaluating client outcomes to ensure the client is receiving the  appropriate services.


  • Provides initial assessment of client needs and develops a service plan which fully addresses the client's needs
  • Certifies client eligibility for services and completes required eligibility documentation
  • Has  working knowledge of resources in services area and links clients to  appropriate programs, services, and resources in the community
  • Completes  monthly home visits for each assigned case, and maintains ongoing  assessment of the successes, barriers and compliance with treatment for  all providers
  • Participates in court hearings, dependency staffings, and education meetings for advocacy as needed
  • Participates  in psychiatric appointments as needed to address aspects of medication,  possible side effects, and ensure that parental consent and/or a court  order is received to dispense medication
  • Conducts school visits on an as needed basis, ensuring visits will not interfere with academic learning time
  • Maintains monthly phone contact with collateral support providers
  • Completes  and maintains case documentation that ensures quality and compliance  per the Florida Medicaid Mental Health Targeted Case Manager Handbook  and company requirements
  • Reviews charts on a quarterly basis to  ensure documentation and files remain in compliance with the Florida  Medicaid Mental Health Targeted Case Manager Handbook
  • Completes  all Emotional Behavior Assessments and Service Plans within 30 days from  date of intake, and completes updates every 180 days
  • Completes all payer authorization request forms at intake
  • Consistently monitors specific client utilization/expiration by utilizing database tracking reports received from TCM Manager
  • Verifies Legal authorization have been obtained prior to the release of information
  • Completes PCP letter and forwards to the appropriate medical provider
  • Participates in department meetings, trainings and ongoing supervision, and applies information and feedback
  • Completes and submits all billing to manager with progress notes for each billing event on a weekly basis
  • Consistently conducts the minimum billable units per week as established for position (120 – 130 units).
  • Complies with state and federal statues, rules, and policies that affect the target population
  • Meets  and maintains qualifications for Certified Behavioral Health Case  Manager (CBHCM) certification as outlined by the Florida Certification  board and provide documentation of such
  • Acts in accordance with professional and ethical guidelines.
  • Follows all regulations as outlined in the Community Mental Health Services and Limitations Handbook
  • Ensures  compliance with all regulations pertaining to confidentiality and  HIPAA, SequelCare of Florida Policies and Procedures, and Medicaid  Assessment requirements.
  • Other duties as assigned


  • Minimum Qualifications: Bachelor's Degree from  an educational institution holding accreditation by an agency recognized  by the Federal Department of Education
  • (FDOE) or the Council on Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).
  • Preferred Qualifications:   Bachelors in human services, clinical social work, psychology, or  related field; currently hold a Certified Behavioral Health Case Manager  (CBHCM) certification through the Florida Certification board; previous  targeted case management experience or experience working with children  and/or adults who have serious mental health or emotional disturbances.
  • Computer Skills: High  proficiency with basic computer skills and Microsoft office is  required; Medik and EMR experience preferred May be required to use  personal computer to maintain client documentation.  
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