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This position shall be responsible for providing on-site nursing services for the program youth, the direct supervision of the clinical functions in the medical clinic and nursing staff. The Clinical Manager shall work directly with the Program Director/Designee, the Designated Health Authority/Designee, Psychiatrist/Designee, Mental Health staff, and the Department staff conducting monitoring and technical assistance regarding the delivery of medical services. The Clinical Manager shall coordinate his/her work schedule to ensure being on-site when the Designated Health Authority/Designee and Psychiatrist/Designee are at the facility.


•Schedule appointments.
•Review consult forms and refer to consulting physician for further care.
•Order medications.
•End of month doctor orders (MAR).
•Monitor students using students record and contact sheets; doctor's orders and instructions; nursing policies and facility directive, in order to ensure continuity of students care and to initiate appropriate action.
•Provides emergency life support to students and staff in life threatening situations using basic life support measures.
•Administers prescribed students’ medication using standard nursing procedures and following doctor orders via oral and written instructions. Administration of medication is properly documented in accordance with program policy and procedure manual.
•Document on program forms as necessary in a neat and legible manner using only black ink. Forms should be completed and routed as noted in program directives and contain appropriate information.
•Gathers and exchanges information with the doctor and other disciplines in an accurate, prompt, and concise manner.
•Examines students thoroughly and in accordance with standard nursing procedures using stethoscope, blood pressure cuff, tongue blades, penlights, thermometer; immunizations, ppd's, blood draws, reviews tests, lab results, past health findings and health records in order to establish physical status of students. Documents completed assessment/screening immediately in a student's record.
•Transcribes physical orders using doctor order sheet in order to make available information from the physician to other pertinent staff. Transcription of orders should be accurate using approved abbreviations. Transcriptions are completed on same day of order and in accordance with program directives.
•Serves on the designated committees as assigned by the Executive Director.
•Other reasonably related business duties as assigned by the Executive Director.
•Responsible for pharmacy/medical records and medical facility inspections.
•Supports by action and example Sequel TSI Creed.
•Supports and follows all Sequel TSI Policies and Procedures.
•Adheres to Sequel TSI policy and practice concerning issues of creation, editing, transmission, storage and disposition of all Protected Health Information (PHI).
•Reviews the performance of individuals under direct supervision, regarding the level of adherence to Sequel TSI policy concerning issues of creation, editing, transmission, storage and disposition of Protected Health Information (PHI).


Registered Nurse (RN), and have an active and clear Florida license; Masters' Preferred
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