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The Compliance & Quality Officer (CQO), under the direction of the Divisional Compliance and Quality Officer, is responsible for the implementation of Sequel’s Compliance & Quality Program at the program level. The CQO monitors and alerts corporate leadership and program leadership regarding compliance and quality issues and executes assigned tasks from corporate Compliance & Quality to ensure the program’s full implementation of Sequel’s Compliance & Quality Program. The CQO works closely with the Executive Director and program management to ensure that the program meets regulatory requirements and provides high quality services to the program’s clients.


  • Audit, track, and review the progress of all regulatory, accreditation, contract, and billing requirements for the program.
  • Directs preparation for external reviews and external reporting of incidents.
  • Develop corrective action plans and performance improvement plans and coordinates the implementation of these CAPs with program leadership.
  • Monitor changes in regulatory requirements/policies relevant to operations, and educate program management staff on those changes.
  • Responsible for the auditing of records to ensure compliance with regulations and contracts, as well as for all internal and third-party reporting of incidents.
  • Coordinate compliance training tasks.
  • Chair the monthly Performance Improvement Committee meeting: prepare agenda/materials; document minutes; coordinate follow-up on action items.
  • Supports the Quality Management Committee and Corporate Compliance Committee by providing information and reports to corporate leadership.
  • Monitor the compliance and quality of incident documentation.
  • Manage the client grievance process.
  • Participate in the remote quality monitoring of security cameras.
  • Track all licenses, certificates, and accreditation schedules and copies of reports.
  • Execute work plan requirements for compliance, risk, and quality work plans.
  • Carry out additional duties as assigned by Corporate Compliance & Quality.
  • The CQO will assume other specified compliance roles as required by specific regulatory oversight entities, including, but not limited to, the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) Officer, HIPAA Privacy Officer, and Civil Rights Coordinator for the program.


Education: Bachelor’s Degree in human service related field; Master’s degree highly preferred
Experience: Experience in Behavioral Health service delivery; experience in a Compliance/Quality role highly preferred.
Computer Skills: Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and EMR
Other Requirements: Must pass a criminal background check, physical, drug and TB Test
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